Our systems

Safe, Reliable and High Quality

ASL Aviation Holdings focus is on providing our customers with a safe, reliable and quality service that exceeds their expectations.

We seek to continuously improve our service levels and to achieve this we are evolving to become an even stronger, integrated aviation services provider operating at world class levels. The foundation behind this approach is major investment in new state-of-the-art technological and engineering systems throughout ASL’s airlines and ASL Group entities.

Project Darwin

Project Darwin is about shaping the future of ASL’s European airlines by putting structures in place to enhance our service and operations so our customers will know exactly what to expect from us. ASL’s European airlines are effectively moving towards becoming one integrated airline operation. This will allow us to consistently improve our customer service and our operational performance as we continue to bolster our position as a global market leader.

Project Darwin has already seen the introduction of new ‘centres of excellence’ that are servicing our AOCs better and optimising the way ASL operates across our European network as a single airline operation with key AOCs and operational bases.


ASL Aviation Holdings have introduced AMOS as our MRO (Maintenance Repair Organisation) system across ASL’s European airlines.

AMOS will help us to improve the quality of airworthiness and reliability control in ASL’s airlines. In addition, it offers us the opportunity to enhance cooperation with our ASL colleagues to find the best one-single standard going forward. AMOS will be the central software tool used by ASL for key CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) activities.


ASL embarked on a journey to consolidate activities across common areas of the business. One of the initial areas identified was CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) activity conducted across all ASL Group entities.

Each ASL airline has personnel engaged in dealing with the complex requirements of CAMO, and it was identified at an early stage as an area where people and processes could be consolidated to avoid duplication and streamline activities.


ASL Aviation Holdings has implemented AIMS in its European airlines. AIMS Crewing and Aircraft Scheduling/Tracking support ASL’s operations team and crews in rostering, including duty roster notifications. This platform replaces legacy systems and improves functionalities for all users of the system.


ASL has partnered with Sabre, the flight planning software provider, to build a new OFP in Flight Plan Manager. ASL have also acquired Sabre’s Flight Plan Manager EFB Webservice and also Movement Manager.

The Sabre system gives ASL the capability to directly integrate Flight Plan Manager to retrieve the briefing package content and the Operational Flight Plan in XML format. The system will reduce the level of manual intervention by the dispatcher and better integrate into the crew’s EFB Apps.

Learning Management System (LMS)

ASL Aviation Holdings is focused on providing and improving the knowledge and training for all ASL staff, covering all areas of our business. For this reason, a common ASL Learning Management System (LMS) has been implemented for all ASL employees.

ASL’s LMS platform enables staff to create learning paths, centralise all education materials, automate alerts, evaluate content, ensure compliance, guarantee skills, track certification and deliver e-learning courses consistently and effectively, serving all ASL’s training needs.