• Corporate Office

    Aviation House, 3 Malahide Road, Swords,
    Co.Dublin, K67 PP52, Ireland.

  • Office Hours

    Mon. to Fri. 8.30am to 5.00pm


Corporate Office: Johannesburg Airport, South Africa




Aircraft Types


  • Lockheed L100-30 Hercules
  • B737-400 Freighter
  • B737-400 Combi


Safair Operations


Although operating as a single company, Safair Operations has two ‘divisions’, Safair and FlySafair.  The traditional business of the company, operating the civilian Lockheed ‘Hercules’ and B737 freighters sits in the Safair legacy division. The airline operates for ACMI (wet lease) customers and has unsurpassed experience and expertise more than 50 years after its foundation.


From the Arctic in the North, to Antarctica in the South and from the jungles of South America in the West to the jungles of West Papua in the East, Safair’s operational footprint is totally global.


Currently the main areas of operation for the ‘Hercs’ is in Central / East Africa, Somalia and South Sudan where Safair provides both logistical airlift support and airdrops of humanitarian aid to stricken areas.


Safair’s B737s provide logistical support to various customers with cargo transport requirements throughout the African region. The airline’s customers include other airlines and commercial entities as well as the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the World Food Programme and many foreign government agencies.